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Witchcraft Beer Market and Bistro has brought 40 of the best craft beers from BC and abroad together with a rustic menu that includes mouth-watering straight-from-the-forno flavours to deliver a dining experience you're not likely to find anywhere else. We take pride in representing the best our region has to offer, and work with our sister locations to create an unparalleled sense of community and inclusivity. We want you to come in and relax with a cold one, and treat your family and friends to a memorable night out. You are invited!
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Our storied history

Witchcraft is Maple Ridge's longest standing pub. Brock Rodgers and Ken Brookes have owned the Witch property since the 1970’s but for the most part the Pub known as the Witch of Endor has been run by other people.
In 2011 they acquired the Billy Miner and began a process of converting it to a unique venue that welcomes traditional Pub customers as well as families. After a fire in 2013 Brookes and Rodgers spent a great deal of time trying to determine “if” the Witch would be rebuilt and if so as “what”. With the revisions to the Liquor Control and Licencing Regulations allowing children accompanied by adults to be in a pub until 10:00 pm the owners felt they knew what the “new Witch” wanted to be. 

The meeting place of tradition and modern sensibilities

Witchcraft Beer market and Bistro, as she will know be known, to emphasise a fusion to the traditional name and the fact that there are 40 craft beers on tap, will feature artisan style Pizza’s that are a fusion of traditional Neapolitan style and a new wave of Pacific West Coast style Pizza.

Hand stretched dough made with Anita's Unbleached Organic Flour from Chilliwack and the use of other organic products wherever possible will be the theme of the kitchen. 
We also have items such as Maple Bourbon Smoke Wings and Adult Milkshakes that are both great options.

The wood burning oven, hand crafted in Naples by Mario Acunto, adds incredible flavor to your pizza that you can't experience anywhere else!

Think local

Building on that West Coast Artisan Style menu there will be a strong emphasis on local ingredients and while plenty of items for meat lovers there will also be a strong vegetarian component.
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